Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Months

It has been three months since I purchased my American Lifan GY-5 and no issues has arisen.

I have ridden it to work every day (except for three days that I took my S-10 pickup) and it has averaged 75+ miles per gallon. I always convert the kms to miles.

The bike now has over 3000kms or about 1900 miles. I have decided to change the oil every 1500kms instead of the 2000kms I originally thought about, 1500kms or there abouts keep the miles around 1000 miles per oil change. The oil does double duty (engine oil and transmission oil) and the bike holds just over a quart and I feel 1000 mile oil changes are prudent.

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DaveM said...

I always found that changing the oil and filters regularly is the secret to long engine life.