Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Motorcycle withdrawals

No my Lifan is not broken, I am on vacation at the lake.

For those that have not checked out my "other blog", we live fulltime in this travel trailer. The Dodge 2500 is our "family car" and the S-10 (that I have mentioned) is my work truck. The trailer weighs in (loaded) at about 14,000lbs. and the Dodge diesel gets over 10mpg pulling this mammoth trailer.

We are at BEAVER LAKE in the Ozark mountains of northwest Arkansas. This would be a great place to ride the GY-5 but I could not bring it as I have not fabbed a carrier for the back of the camper yet.

The campers frame has an extension for the back bumper that will make a nice mounting point for a carrier. The heavy spare tire is mounted on the bumper, so when I remove it that will help counteract the additional weight.

I switched from a phone line based DSL to an "air-card" so we could have internet on the road.