Sunday, June 29, 2008

Winter protection

I know it is 90+ degrees but winter will be here before we know it and we get a little rain that can be problematic as well.

My last bike was a GoldWing that offered great rain protection and after getting caught in a rain storm on my GY-5, I started looking into rain suits. My last rain suit was a one piece that lasted over 15 years but I think I want a 2-piece suit this time.

I took this picture of a scooter in Paris last year and I think something like this will someday be imported to the USA as gas priced increase. This could truly be a daily driver in all weather.

This type of protection could be added. The cover is fastened to the fairing and it straps around your waist and drapes over you legs, yet lets you put your feet down when needed. Fastening it across the bike keeps your seat dry while you are not riding it.

With no fairing on the GY-5 something like this would not work but it does get the gears rolling in my head about how to best accomplish a reasonable about of winter protection for my ride to work.

I know coveralls, rainsuit, and waterproof boots will work but I am exploring other possibilities.