Saturday, May 24, 2008

First mileage check=75.39mpg

I fueled up this morning after a trip to the DMV and six days to work and back.

A total of 283km=175.84 miles. I still was not on reserve but I knew I had to be close.

With the bike on the kick stand, I added fuel level with the bottom of the neck (I was headed to work and knew I would quickly burn some of it.

As you can see, I pumped in 2.321 gallons or $8.82 @ $3.799.

175.84 miles / 2.321 gallons = 75.39 mpg.

Compare that to my S-10 @ 27mpg.

175.84miles / 27mpg = 6.512 gallon x $3.799 = $24.74

$24.74 - $8.82 = $15.92 saving. It's not about the "miles per gallon" but the "smiles per gallon", but every little bit helps.

Most of my riding is around 50mph (5000rpms) with a little 60-62mph stints. I really like 50mph as the feel, sound, rpms, and wind in my face seem about right to me. I have tried to keep the rpms around 5000 for the break-in period.

The way I ride is really great for breaking in an air cooled engine. Heat and cool cycles, ride it 30 minutes and let it cool down all day and ride it home. Every day it seems to perform better.

My mileage will probably fall of a little as I start riding a little more spirited. A 40 or 42 tooth sprocket ( to replave the 46 tooth) will really make this little bike come into its own for highway riding.