Monday, September 29, 2008

Carb c-clip mod

My American Lifan 200GY-5 started fine in the summer but as the weather turned a little cooler I knew I needed to move the C-clip in the carb. Before the mod even in hot weather I could not apply any throttle after starting the engine. I would have to start it several times before it would stay running.

This is an easy mod with the only tools needed;
Phillips screwdriver
8mm wrench
needle nose pliers

I chose to make the carb mod without taking the carb off the bike. After removing the seat you will see the strap that holds the rear of the tank.

Remove the three screw on the plastic trim on each side of the gas tank and remove them.

Make sure your pitcock is in the off position and then remove the gas line.

The front of the tank is held with a bolt on each side.

After the tank is removed you will be looking at the top of the carb. The two black circles are rubber pads that the tank rides on.

Unscrew the top of the carb and pull out the slide.

By compressing the spring , the throttle cable will come out the bottom and you will see how it will travel up the slot and out the round hole at the top of the slot.

Look down in the carb and notice the "knobs" sticking out from inside. The slide has notches in it that will fit over them.

When you look down the top of the slide you will see the retainer clip that holds the needle and c-clip.

Remove that retainer clip and pull the needle out. My c-clip was in the middle groove and I moved it to the bottom (toward the taper of the needle).

Just reverse the tear down order and put everything back together. The slide will easily slip back down the carb throat. Make sure the grooves line up. After you screw the top of the carb back on, reach up and twist the throttle to make sure it is smooth (the throttle should feel just the same as before you started). Sit the tank in place, replace the fuel line and replace one of the two screws on the tank just tight enough to hold the tank and you can start the bike and make sure everything is right before finishing the job.
This is a great mod and now as soon as the engines fires up I can apply some throttle to keep it running. The engine is smoother running and pulls harder in mid-throttle.
I love this mod!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Four Months

I didn't ride my bike as much in the last month as I needed to take my truck to work a few days and of course we have had lots of rain lately.

Nothing new to report about the bike except I opened the two holes I drilled in the exhaust to larger holes and it made the bike a little louder but it really seemed to help the bike breathe better.

I now have about 3800km (about 2360 miles) on the bike and it seems to get stronger and smoother with each mile.

The bike stays outside all the time and the red on the seat is fading.