Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a wuss

I admit it. I had planned on riding "Lizzie" well into cold weather but yesterday was the first time I have ridden it since Thanksgiving. It started on the second or third kick.

I started it a couple of times over the winter and rode it around the block once but other wise it has been sitting all winter.

"Santa" delivered a nice motorcycle cover that protected it from the rain and snow. The cover fits a cruiser and did an job on the bike. It would have fit it a lot better had I removed the trunk.

I need to replace the crappy stock battery that was junk when I bought the bike. It would take a charge but not hold it for any length of time. I didn't try to save it over the winter as I knew it needed replaced.

Weather is turning cold and rainy for a week or so and the bike is back under the cover until the weather improves.