Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oil Change

After this oil change (about 750 km), I will change it again at 1500km and then every 2000km. I have never used synthetic oil before but I am thinking about starting with it at the 2000km oil change. These little engine work hard and hold every little oil ( a little over a quart).

I will not go into the "he said, she said" about using motorcycle grade oil in a motorcycle. I used automotive oil in my earlier motorcycles because I did not know there were motorcycle oils, but I have run nothing but motorcycle oils in the bikes since the early 80's.

I could not find 15w-40 around here and felt 10w-40 was a better compromise than 20w-50. The local m/c dealers use 10w-40 and I like the Castrol brand but any quality brand m/c motor oil will do.

The drain plug is accessed from the bottom through the skid-plate.

This shiny nut by the shifter on the left side of the bike is the oil filter/screen.

The nut comes off , the spring, and you will have to gently pull the screen out. Clean the screen of any metal shavings and insert it back in place, place the spring over the screen and screw the nut back in place. Make sure the O-ring in in the groove on the inside of the nut.

After the drain plug and filter/screen are back in place you can add the oil. I always tighten any plug as I put it in before I go to the next one. That way if it is" in" I know I have tightened it. I also like to keep my oil (unopened) by the engine just in case I get interrupted, I can see the unopened oil and know I have not added it to the engine.

Use the dip stick to check the oil and if your bike has a "sight glass", make sure it falls within the recommended levels.

Changing the oil is very simple and satisfying. These Chinese bikes come from the factory with "shipping oil" and should be changed before they are started for the first time. So if you buy a bike that is shipped unassembled be sure to change the oil. I think when new then at 50km, 150km and 500km would be prudent. Keep changing your oil at least every 500km or until you are comfortable with the condition of the oil. The shaving will be from the "gear-box" and as they decrease the quality of the shifting will increase. It is just the normal break-in.

That might seem like overkill but for less than $20 you can have the peace of mind that you did your very best to safeguard your investment.

I think all that work has earned myself a little ride.