Friday, June 6, 2008


I fueled up at 1065km and had traveled 319km (198 miles). I still did not have to switch to reserve even though I put in 2.598 gallons.

198.20 miles / 2.598 gallons = 76.29 MPG

I think that 75 MPG will be my average for riding to work and back. I will start doing a few modifications (one at a time) to see how it improves the bike and effects the gas mileage.

I checked the bike over and did not find any thing that needed attention. Not loose bolts and even the chain did not require adjustment. At 1000 miles, I will clean, lube and adjust the chain. For now I have "oiled" it while I research the lube I want to put on it after I clean the chain.

So far the only thing that the bike needs is a better quality battery. The battery was down when I bought the bike and it will now start the bike but if I have to spin it over for just a few seconds it will run down. I will replace the 7amp battery with a 9amp battery before cold weather but for right now it starts it fine.