Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chinese Enduro Motorcycles

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My Lifan 200GY-5

I purchased my 2007 American Lifan 200GY-5 last week (May 13, 2007). I bought it used with only 392km (243 miles). The speedometer shows miles but the odometer shows km's. I purchased it and rode it a little over 40 miles home.

Buying used saved having to pay sales tax on it. The insurance (for liability only) is $64.22 a year. I rode 2-lane most of the way home but was on the interstate thru Little Rock (65mph speed limit). I was surprised at the ease of running 60 -65mph. It was turning more rpm's that I was comfortable with.

50mph has the tack showing a tad over 5000 rpms, and 60mph indicates almost 6100 rpm. With the torque peaking @6500 rpm and the redline @8000 rpm, these speeds should be fine. That being said, I find the bike (and myself) really like to travel about 50mph. After it is broken in I might change the rear 46 tooth sprocket to a 42 tooth to get 55mph @ about 5200 rpm's. Should help fuel mileage and wear and tear on the engine.

This picture shows the relative size of the bike. I am 5'11" and weigh 215 pounds. This is a nice size bike for anyone under 6'.

I fueled the bike with 463 km (287 miles) and still on my first fill up. I will be checking fuel mileage at every fueling.