Monday, June 9, 2008

750 miles

I checked the chain again at 1250km (about 750 miles) and decided it would not make it to 1000 miles before it needed adjustment. After adjusting the chain, I cleaned it with WD-40 (yes it does a nice job of cleaning oily grime) and wiped it dry before applying a liberal coat of spray on chain lube.

I haven't owned a motorcycle with a chain since the late 70's and back then I cleaned the chain with kerosene and used 50w motor oil to lube it. I liked the way the spray on chain lube looked and had to ride home in a heavy down pour, so I will see how it looks tomorrow.

This little bike just seems to be getting smoother and more powerful as it racks up the miles. I know 750 miles is not an indicator of how it will hold up but so far I really like it.

You will not just hear the good points about it but also any negatives that might arise. Every part that needs replacing for repairs or upgrades will be documented.

One thing that needs improving is the "monkey butt" seat. I know my last bike was a GoldWing but this seat needs help. The seat has a little more padding (still not enough) in the center but as I more rearward to be comfortable, I find little to no padding.